My Journey with Neuragen

Patient and Health Care Professional Testimonials

“I was introduced to a wonderful new product Neuragen that provided relief from this burning sensation in my feet. The discomfort I experienced especially in my feet and legs was unbearable and became progressively worse. Last year I was seriously shopping for a wheelchair because it was becoming too difficult to stand and walk. Upon a visit to my local pharmacy I was introduced to Neuragen that provided relief from this burning sensation in my feet. I have been using this product for the past four months and it continues to work. I now apply it less frequently for the same benefits. Neuragen has returned quality back into my life! I can now enjoy the simple things in life all over again.”
Ron M. Diabetic Nerve Pain

“I am a diabetes nurse educator and I wanted to give you some feedback on the product you introduced to me two years ago. It took a while before I started using it and it sat in my drawer until your representative came back to our centre and did another in-service for our group. From the information you provided I thought I should give it another try. I handed out the samples provided to the patients who I thought that would be willing to give me some feedback about the product. The response was slow and sometimes they might need to be reminded to give it a try, but eventually I started to get some response and the feedback was very positive. This increased my confidence in the product so I began to recommend it more often. My most positive experience to date has been with a patient who has had Type 1 diabetes for 35 years and very troubling neuropathy. He was very skeptical initially but happy that I was recommending him something that wasn’t a medication he had to swallow. He actually called me to thank me for the recommendation. I feel that this experience has increased his confidence in what I tell him and he has actually started testing his blood sugar more often.

Thank-you for providing me with a product that helps me provide some relief for my patients”
LL – Registered Nurse, CDE

“I just discovered Neuragen. It is nothing short of a miracle. I have suffered from peripheral neuropathy for years. I’ve taken drugs that put me in a stupor. Nothing has put more than a tiny dent in my pain. Within minutes of putting a few drops of Neuragen on my heel, the pain was gone. Completely gone! At first I thought that it was a placebo effect, but it worked again the next day. After a few days I’m finding I only need it every other day. Not one day has my pain ever been as strong as it was before I applied Neuragen the first time.”
Margie L. Peripheral Neuropathy patient

“I recently returned to my Diabetes practice with some samples of Neuragen. It was recommended to me at the conference to put the spray on at the beginning of a visit and see if it has helped by the end of the visit. One patient was a new Type 2 diabetic but he stated that he had neuropathy for 2-3 years. I sprayed the Neuragen on one foot and we were going to wait an hour and evaluate its effectiveness at the end of our session. He stopped me after 5 minutes after applying it and asked if I could put it on his other foot. I asked if the foot was better and he stated that he already had no pain in that foot.”
Robin P., RN, BSN, DNE

“The first time I used Neuragen I was able to have a pain free walk.  I continue to use Neuragen in the morning and evening and find it effective for my neuropathy.”
Philip D. (Nerve Pain Sufferer)